24 Red Pill Steps to Recover from Your EX

Hopefully you’ve read this blatant truth about why your relationship ended, and realized rationally why you must immediately move on.  It isn’t easy, but you’ve got to do it.

Following these steps will cut MONTHS off of your healing process. You will RESIST most of this intensely.   But doing so will only prolong the pain and suffering.  Its your life, you can do whatever you want.  If you like pain, ignore this shit and keep doing what your doing.

The first eight items can be executed within 24-72 hours.  The next eight should be completed within 21 days, possibly sooner.

The final eight items require much more time, study and resolve on your part to execute.  Take a few minutes and organize the final 8 items in a way that is interesting and motivating to you.  In reality, the final eight could be an ongoing journey that makes you a better man for the rest of your days here on earth…

Step One — Complete these eight items within 72 hours

  1. Resolve that you will have absolutely No Contact whatsoever for six months.  In person, over the phone and over text.
  2. Delete all text/SEXT/messaging threads immediately from your devices.
  3. Remove all triggers.  These would include gifts from your EX.  Place them into storage where you really have to put in effort to get them.  Or throw them away — your choice.
  4. Immediately unfriend (if she hasn’t done it to you already) and BLOCK her on Facebook.  This is absolutely critical!!
  5. Delete all pictures of her and you from your phone or other devices. Alternative is back them up onto disk and place with the other items in step 3, pictures should not be available easily (in the cloud) without you putting in significant effort to get at them.
  6. Box up and immediately return all of your EX’s stuff.  Give them to the most neutral family of friend between the two of you and let them deliver them.   Don’t worry about any of your stuff if the value is less than $100 bucks.  Hopefully, she will simply give the items to the same neutral party.  If not, forget it.
  7. Accept that you are not going to be “friends” with her.  Do not initiate or try to maintain a “friendship” with her.  You were just told “you are not an acceptable sexual partner” implying she is on her way to a new sex friend, or already has one.   Why would you accept a friendship on these terms?
  8. Stop “liking” or looking at any of her stuff on ANY social media platform.  You should have unfollowed and BLOCKED already.  This is violating no-contact. Don’t like her Instagram posts (get off Instagram anyway, its for bitches and betas), her Twitter posts, Snaps, etc.

Completing these eight steps and sticking to them removes triggers, and allows you to move back to being a centered man.  By removing the source of your pain you will kick off the healing process, which will be faster compared beta schulbs that linger (stalk??) and reminisce over their EX.

Step Two- Make progress on these items within 21 days

  1. Get into the gym.  One hour a day, six days a week minimum.
  2. Stop getting drunk, limit drinking to social settings–don’t drink alone.  A good period to start with is two months.
  3. Stop talking about your EX to common friends.  Stop talking about your EX to your own friends.  Feeling that bad?  Talk to ONE trusted family member and/or a professional therapist.
  4. Stop going to places that remind you of your EX.  Favorite bars, parks, hangouts, restaurants, etc.  Especially avoid places you know your EX will still be visiting.
  5. Do not play the “Get your EX back” game.  This includes wasting countless hours online researching this topic, asking friends about it, thinking about it endlessly, and God forbid buying overpriced online e-Books and courses about it.   Abundance mentality about women will help you overcome this.
  6. Kill your “Oneitis”.  Understand logically the idea that she is some sort of special snowflake is ridiculous, and there are literally MILLIONS of other women out there that will have sex with you.   You just have to find them.
  7. Clean and organize your life.  Get your apartment/house perfectly clean and keep it that way.  Keep your car perfectly clean.  Throw out or donate old stuff/clothes you don’t use.
  8. Set a course to get “revenge” on your EX the right way–of course.

Step Three — Six months to the rest of your life

  1. Let her go, and by extension let anyone go who no longer wants to be a part of your life.  This may be the hardest item on this list but the minute you do this you are truly free.  Outcome independence is your goal as a man in all aspects of life.
  2. Fall in Love with yourself.  If you are taking this break up too hard, there’s a good chance you entered the relationship not loving yourself fully.  You allowed the love flowing from you EX to fill that void, and are now suffering from a lack of love.
  3. Develop an abundance mentality, not only about women, but about life in general.  There are plenty of women.  There is plenty of money.  There is more than enough joy and happiness to last you 20 lifetimes.
  4. Reconnect with those you’ve been neglecting.  This can be one of the most satisfying things, rekindling friendships and hanging out with your family more.   Most relationships tug you away from important people in your life, and reconnecting helps ease the pain.
  5. Get out there – start talking to, dating and having sex with new girls.  Doing this will help you forget your ex.   Do not allow your EX to have power over in you in that you think you need to “wait” to do this.  Don’t buy into media myths that you must “wait a while.”  Be honest and simply inform dates you aren’t looking for anything serious.
  6. Find a mission in life.  Less than 10% of men have written goals, probably less than 1% have a mission.  A real mission will chart your course no matter what happens.   Women become an enhancement to your life, not the CENTER of your life.  Women are simply drawn to a man on a mission.
  7. Review and adjust your ideas about relationships.  Do you really want a long term relationship/marriage?  What are your ideas about non- monogamous relationships?  Figure this out before you make a really big mistake.  This break up may have saved you an incredible amount of pain in the future if you proceed without thinking.
  8. Get on a spiritual path.  Whether you believe in Buddha, Jesus, the Law of Attraction or anything else, get centered.  Belief in a higher power that matches your alignment will be a resource you can always rely on in good times or bad.


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