Delete That Text Thread With Your EX

Deleting those old text threads can be one of the toughest things to do after a breakup.

Literally years of history can be contained in that thread.   Good mornings and good nights.

And the sexts.  And the pics.   You’ve read and looked at them hundreds of times after your breakup.

And that’s exactly why they need to go, now.

You can’t live in the past.  Its over and done.   Its part of the letting go process.

Open up your phone and delete that text thread right now.

Delete them all.  Snapchats.  WhatsApp. Kik.  Facebook Messenger (You should have already blocked your ex on Facebook, but Messenger texts are still there).  All of it.

Do. It. Now.

How does it feel?

Probably really shitty.  But that’s the point.

You can’t fully heal until you stop living in the past.  Longing and pining over your ex isn’t working.  Its only delaying the relief of letting it all go, making yourself into a better man, and moving into the future with someone hotter, smarter, and better for you.

Every minute you spend living in the past is a minute you aren’t spending in the present moment.  Even if you are spending time in the present moment doing something wasteful like watching TV, you won’t be thinking about your EX by reading through those old messages.

Reading all that stuff also continues your ONEitis, the idea that the girl is the one and only thing that can bring you happiness.   Text threads need to go to help you beat this ONEitis into the ground.

You won’t forget a lot of the stuff in those text threads for a very long time, but you’ll never forget about your EX if you keep on reading those exchanges over and over.

Get on the road to recover now, deleting those texts and messages is a crucial first step to becoming a better man and finding a better chick.



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