EX Girlfriend Recovery – Quit Lurking on Her Social Media

Getting over your EX girlfriend is a process.  As much as you might want to set a goal of “being over her in a few weeks” or “getting over her in a three months” it all depends on the intensity of the relationship and how hard you fell for her.

But there are many things you CAN do and CAN control that will help you get over her.  One of these is completely eliminating your social media interaction with your EX.

First off, you must BLOCK her on Facebook, as explained here.   Staying friends, or even de-friending and then lurking on her page is a bad idea.

But what about other social media sites?

These days, Snapchat is the dominant social media platform after Facebook, and the most popular for people under 25.   Immediately block and unfollow your EX on Snapchat.

Same goes for Twitter, Instagram, and any other platforms you may be using to keep in touch with your EX.


Many men are highly resistant to these suggestions, especially when the breakup is fresh..  Why?

Because they are emotionally attached.  When you have been with someone for six months, a year, or even longer, your life is completely intertwined with this person.  You have mutual friends, activities, etc.

That’s why its so fucking important to burn the ships, and never look back.

Social media connections are like little drug hits that keep you attached to your EX.   Think of a drug addict on the corner, trying to scrape together a few bucks for a hit of his chosen addiction.

Once he gets his hit, he’s good for an hour or two.. but then he hits a lower low, and is looking for his next hit.

You are doing the same thing if you keep stalking your EX on social media.

You are getting that little dopamine hit each and every time you look her up on Facebook, Snapchat, or Twitter.

You are giving your POWER away to your EX when you focus on what the fuck she is doing, instead of pursuing who you are as a man, pursuing your mission, showing the world who the fuck you are…

So resolve this second to never, ever look her up on social media again..

The second you do this, and follow through on it…you are on your way to your next amazing relationship, your next true love, and you release much of the pain associated with your EX girlfriend.

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