Get Your EX Girlfriend Back – Red Pill Perspective and Advice

Most guys who get dumped by a girl are suffering intensely.  It doesn’t take long for them to start wanting to get their EX girlfriend back.   All of the pain would subside, and they would have access to their woman (and the sex she provided) back in an instant.  But from a Red Pill perspective, should you want to get your EX back at all?  After all, she dumped your ass

Common Red Pill Advice

The common advice from the Red Pill perspective is that if your special lady dumps you, you should block her phone, block her on all social media, and never, ever communicate with her again…

You will NEVER, ever go wrong with this advice.  Its rock solid, as it FORCES you to immediately move on with your life.  You will reach your centered self much faster, as you mind will quickly admit that its over,  You can go on to other women without worrying whether your EX  is coming back or not.  In fact, its the basis of the 24 steps to Red Pill recovery.

But life isn’t so clean, and the heart wants what it wants.  If you must (and this is not the advice of this post) try to get your EX back, then you are going to have to do it in a way that will give you the best chance of success, and minimize the chances that she’ll drop your ass again in the future.

The Red Pill Plan if You ‘Think’ You Want Your EX Back

If you “think” you want your EX back, your first step is to sit down and get to the root of why you believe this.

Is it because you are lonely?  Because you miss the sex?  You have a serious case of ONEitis and don’t see all the other women out there?  Because you were with her for a long time?

None of these are valid reasons.   Of course there is the one reason that you probably are thinking to yourself right now…

“Because I love her….”

And there is the one and only valid reason for wanting your EX back.

But ask yourself this and meditate on it for a few days…

Would you really be in love for her if you weren’t in the emotional state surrounding your break up right now?

Maybe.  Maybe not.

This is the problem when you are fresh out of a relationship.  You are not centered as a man.  Face the fact you are looking at your EX with one hell of a pair of rose-colored glasses.

Being centered means your energy is not scattered.   You can harness it an deploy it as you wish.  You can control yourself and your emotions.  When you are centered like a boulder buried halfway into the ground, you are immovable.

Can you really say that about yourself right now, fresh out of a break up where you can hardly think of anything else except your EX?  Of course not…

So here is the solution.

Get Completely Centered First!

To truly be able to evaluate whether you want your EX back or not, you need to focus on yourself 100% for a while, try six months minimum to start.

In these six months, you will follow the 24 steps to Red Pill recovery.   You will completely cut contact with your EX, and allow yourself to heal.   You will reconnect with friends, family and your hobbies and interests.

You will get into the gym and get into the best shape of your life.  You will quit drinking for a while and you will clean up your diet.

You will find your mission in life.

You will find a spiritual path to follow.

You will date and hook up with other women, if only to understand that there are MANY women out there who find you attractive and who are willing to spend time with an amazing man like you.

Then, and only then, can you consider the idea of reconnecting with your EX.

What men find at this point is that they no longer care if they get their EX girlfriend back.  They realize they gave their POWER over to their girlfriend, and they aren’t interested in doing that again with any woman.

They come to find that having a mission in life is something that can never be taken away from you, unlike the love of a woman.  Having a clear mission, goals, and drive is the real key to true happiness as a man.

No woman can offer anything close to this feeling.

If you truly are at this point, where your EX girlfriend will add to your life, not be your life, then you can ask her to get together and catch up.

You will be a different person.  You may at this point be a much higher quality person than your EX girlfriend, especially if she hasn’t gone on the same mission to improve herself in the meantime.  You may be surprised that your attraction level has dropped significantly for her if this is the case.

In any event, you will be approaching the EX as a centered man with a mission and purpose in life – a much stronger foundation for a lasting and respectful relationship.





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