Getting Over Her- Delete Pictures of Your EX

One of the toughest triggers to overcome if a girl breaks up with you is the shared times that are captured in photos.    But if you really want to get over your EX fast, you will take this vital step to recovery:

Delete Those Pictures of You and Your EX

This may seem drastic, and there’s no doubt it will take an iron stomach to do this.   If you can’t do this quite yet, an alternative will be offered further on in the article.

This method is best if you are absolutely 100% done with your EX girlfriend and never want to look back.   It will speed your recovery as this act basically “burns the ships” and does not allow a point of return.

Simply find any hard copies of photos you have, and shred them.  Delete all the pics of you and her on social media and your phone and other electronic devices.

The really tough part here may be if she sent you nudes.  That kind of stuff is pretty damn fun when you are in a relationship, but afterwards it can be poisonous to your mental health.  But removing the temptation completely will speed up time you spend getting over your EX.

Alternative: Backup and Save

Most hardcore Red Pillers won’t advocate for this for getting over an EX, but if you’re reluctant to burn the ships and walk away  you can burn the pics to disc or into the cloud and store it away.  Similar to removing gifts and items given to you by an EX for a while, you store your pictures in a place you cant access them easily.

Take any physical photos and put them in a box.  Then backup anything on an electronic device and store it away.  If its in the cloud put it where its not easily accessible.

If you think you will be pulling them out and looking or logging in to view the pictures, give the physical pictures to a friend (or the username/password combo) and tell them you are not allowed to ask for them back for six months.

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