How to Get Revenge on Your EX Girlfriend

When a girl breaks up with you, one of the first ideas that may come into your head is getting revenge.

Revenge is a primal emotion.  We want to get even.  We want to retaliate for our loss and our hurt.  We feel the need to reciprocate our hurt, and the person who left us must feel the same pain we are feeling inside.

So how do you get revenge on your EX girlfriend?

Lets first discuss what you absolutely don’t do…

  • Anything illegal.  Check yourself.  Risking trouble with the law over ANY chick is just plain stupid.  Do you want to ruin your life for years by doing something that could land you in jail?
  • Post about her on Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, anything like that.  First off, you deleted her off of all of your networks, right?  If not, DO IT NOW.   But posting garbage about your EX is a serious display of low value to everyone who might see it.   Don’t even think about it.
  • Talk shit about her to friends, family etc, in hopes it will get back to her.  She’s dead to you now.  In a year if you want to reach out to be friends, then by all means do so.
  • Try to check up on her via the same friend/family contacts.  Don’t go there, you cannot trust anyone.  They’ll run it back to her that you are asking stuff about her.  Another display of low value as a man.
  • Any other “traditional” get revenge on your EX things you might have come up with on your own or Googled.  Doing these things simply gives this person who REJECTED you more power over your happiness.

So now that’s all out of the way, lets get down to how you get revenge on your EX.  You’ve probably heard it hundreds of times, because its true.  It all boils down to this:

“Living Well is the Best Revenge”

That’s right.   You’re gonna have to do some more work here.  Heavy lifting.  Nothing easy.

But lets do a little visualization first.

Look out one year from your break up date from your EX.   Imagine too, that you haven’t been in contact with your ex in any way from this day forward, until that one year date.   Then think about these questions….

Who are you?  What are you doing with your life?  Have you made marked improvement in your life?  Have you dropped all of that excess weight if you were overweight when your EX broke it off?   If you weren’t overweight have you gotten your body strong and ripped?  How is your diet?  Do you eat healthy foods that promote clear thinking and make your body feel good?

How is your career and business life?  If you weren’t making gains in your career or business life have you made changes to do so?

Do you have a hot, new sexy new girl (or girls) in your life, who consistently and regularly want to give you sexual attention?   Can you easily pull new women into your life by either approaching in real life or by your online dating profile?  Have you improved your social skills compared to last year?  Do you have more friends?  Are your friend of a better quality compared to a year ago?  Have you boosted your confidence level compared to last year?

How will you feel about yourself when your EX sees you a year from now– will you have massive regret in that she is happy about the decision?  Or we she be kicking herself for letting you go?

If you carefully examine all of these questions, you’ll see you have many areas where you will be able to grow.

Massive growth can be achieved in just one year if you put your heart and soul into it.   How will you feel about yourself if you do absolutely nothing in the next 12 months to improve yourself?

Conversely, how will you feel if you put massive effort into yourself and make huge strides in the next 12 months?

And that’s how you get revenge on your EX girlfriend.  Remember, though — it’s not for her, its for you.







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