Quit Drinking For a While to Help Get Over Your EX

One of the “action” steps you should take after a break up with your EX girlfriend is quitting drinking.

“What?  I can’t do that, that’s how I’m coping right now!”

And that’s exactly why you shouldn’t do it.  Now there are maybe a few exceptions to this rule we can look at a little later.  But again like everything else here the main thrust of this advice is to help you get and maintain control of your emotions (and life) after a break up.

But, worst of all, alcohol removes your inhibitions and you WILL contact your EX.

The Most Important Reason to Quit Alcohol After a Break Up

Drunk dialing or texting your EX will happen if you don’t decide up front to control yourself.

When you drink, your inhibitions are lowered, you lose emotional control, and you mind starts to think about how to get your EX back.   Things like this…

“I’ll just hit her up with a phone call or text.  Tell her I love her, tell her I miss her.  Remind her of all the great sex we had.  She’s gotta be thinking the same thing right now.  There’s just no way we should be over with, this will convince her to come back….”

Sending messages like this is one of the worst things can do when you are trying to recover from a relationship.

Drunken emotional contact is an extreme display of low value (DLV).  You  will be doing it late at night, and she will see right through it.  It shows her that she still retains power over your happiness and well being.

And it breaks no-contact.  You will feel horrible the next day, as you get rejected once again and start back at square one.

If that weren’t reason enough, there are many other reasons to quit the bottle for a bit when you are going through this stressful time in your life.

Here are a few…

  • It makes you face the pain, and thus process the pain of your break up faster.
  • It removes an artificial “crutch” in your life, allowing you to channel your energy into better things.  How much energy do you have to accomplish things when you are drinking every night?
  • It adds empty calories to your body.  You’re working out right?  You’re interested in getting back out there soon, right?
  • Drinking is to celebrate an accomplishment or a great day, your break up isn’t either of those.
  • Alcohol is a depressant.  Obviously if you are getting over your EX you don’t want to ingest a substance that makes you feel worse overall

There are dozens of other reasons to quit for a bit, but YOUR self-improvement over the next few months is the most important.

Exceptions to the Rule

If your out socially a drink or two over a few hours is cool.  Just don’t bring the party home.

If you’re getting out there on a date, it can be pretty awkward if you refuse a drink and your date is having one.   One drink over a short meetup is fine.   Definitely watch this however, drinking too much and losing frame while you spill your guts is a huge display of low value as a man.





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