Remove Triggers Like Gifts and Clothes to Get Over your EX


We all allow our emotions to get the best of us from time to time, but a break up can bring out the worst in a man.  Gaining control of your emotional state is of primary importance.   If you aren’t a centered man, you won’t be able to move on in life, whether it be your mission or another woman.

One trigger when getting over an EX is the physical items that they give to you over the course of a relationship.  These come in many forms, but here are just a few of the things you probably want to gather up put out of sight for a while after a break up.

-Cards,love letters, and notes written to you by your EX

-Clothing bought as a gift by your EX

-Birthday and Christmas presents

-Music CDs, tapes, etc.  Especially “mix tapes” that have songs that remind you of the relationship


The list could go on and on of course.  Basically, you are going to want to take anything that is of sentimental value that your EX gave to you and do one of three things with it…

  1.  Burn, destroy, and trash it if its one of those situations where you feel intense anger toward your EX.   Think situations where she cheated on you and you never, ever want to speak to her for the rest of your life.
  2. Take all of the items you might one day like to keep and throw them into a box.  Take that box and stick it away in the basement, the garage or the corner of a closet you rarely get into.  If you don’t trust yourself enough yet to not look at that stuff, give it to a friend or family member to store until you are fully over your EX
  3. Sell it, if there’s enough value there to hassle with putting it on eBay

Removing the items from your home takes away another trigger.  Just like pictures, social media (especially Facebook), and text messaging threads have tremendous power to influence your emotional state — so too do items given to you by the EX.

You will instantly remember the times, locations, and circumstances surrounding the gift each time you see it.  This throws you off the “center” you should be seeking, and makes you look back.

Looking back is always the last thing you want to be doing after a breakup.  Present moment living is you goal, with hope for the future with new, sexy and exciting women.

So box that shit up and get rid of it, even if its temporary.  Removing old gifts from your EX is one of the first 8 things you should do immediately after a breakup.  For additional help, review all 24 steps to Red Pill breakup recovery.




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