Return Your EX Girlfriend’s Stuff Immediately for Faster Breakup Recovery

Right after a breakup, you are pretty raw.  Feelings of “How can I get her back” crop up immediately if you are a man who just got dumped (and generally women end more relationships than men).  But there are several things you can do to get centered and on the right trail as a man, as outlined in 24 Steps to Red Pill breakup recovery.  One of the first steps is to get ANYTHING and EVERYTHING that your EX has left at your place, out of your place.


Because you need to cut off all points of return.  Doing so fosters recovery, and helps you regain your center as a man.

Remember, you have just been REJECTED by your special lady, and it hurts.  The irrational mind starts playing out scenarios where you will be able to see your EX face-to-face and you are hoping things will iron themselves out and you’ll get back together.

One such scenario is the returning of “stuff” she left behind, whether it be her pajamas, her makeup or that box of tampons.   Many dudes will rationalize to themselves that by keeping that stuff around they will have a change to talk to their EX again and hopefully start hooking up with her, and then of course make her a girlfriend again.

Let it go.  Let her go.

You are only prolonging your suffering by keeping that stuff around, either as a memory of her, or by thinking you can hold it hostage for another meeting with your EX.

The simple solution is to do the following once your lady breaks up with you.  Take that stuff, box it up and hand it off to a neutral friend or family member.  Ask them to “do you a big favor” and simply deliver those items to your EX.

This may also foster recovery of any of your stuff from her place.  In general, your EX will reciprocate by packing up your things and having that person deliver your items back to you.

If she doesn’t return your stuff?

So what.  Its your EX, don’t be a whiny bitch.  Move on.

If the value of the items isn’t that great, consider it part of the expenses of doing business with women and go work some overtime to make up for the cost.  Be unlike the common man, be the better man.

Returning her stuff should be done within three days of a breakup, or within three days of your discovery of the 24 steps to recovery.  Doing so sends a clear message to your EX you are moving on with your life, but more importantly it focuses you back on your center and speeds the breakup recovery time.


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