Should I Be Friends With My EX?


“I hope that we can still be friends.”

You’ve heard that, right?  You girl breaks up with you and throws that little bone out onto the table. Or, even worse–maybe you just said that to the certain lady that rejected you and no longer wants to have sex with you..

No. No. No.

If you said these words to your EX, take five seconds right now, shake yourself, and vow to never be a puss like that ever again.

When your special girl breaks up with you, she is saying several things. Not to your face, but in her mind.  These are some of the most brutal thoughts a woman can ever think.  While some of these might not specifically apply to you, at least one or two of them do….

They include:

  • I’m better than you
  • I can do so much better than you
  • I’d rather suck on some other guys cock
  • I am sucking some other guys cock
  • I’m screwing someone else, and have been doing so, and you never even knew it..
  • You are a loser, I can’t stand being with you one second longer.
  • Go away
  • I’d rather be alone rather than be with you

Yep.  Absolutely brutal.  Why, oh why would you want to be friends at this point in time with someone who utterly disrespects you as a man in these ways…

A woman who just doesn’t love you enough to stay as your sexual partner is absolutely NOT worth keeping around as a so-called friend.  Maybe someday, but not now…


Because it will keep you from moving on.  You will always be thinking that you can “get her back” by your charming personality, or your kindness as a friend.  If your an Alpha or at least an aspiring to incorporate Alpha traits into your beta upbringing, the “friend zone” is the worst place to be. You will be relegated to a beta orbiter, a horrific spot to be in when you are trying to improve yourself, and a horrible place to be in as a man overall.

She will use and abuse her as an emotional tampon, all the while you will be denied that sweet sexual satisfaction that you once enjoyed.

Hell. On. Earth.

Move on.  Move away.

Red Pill No Contact with a girl who dumps you is necessary for healthy recovery.  It allows you to work on yourself — physically, mentally, and spiritually.

Engaging your EX during the first six months of a breakup is insane. There’s plenty of time for friendship, after you’ve gone out and screwed some other girls.  Only then will you have proper perspective on your EX.

If you must, give it six months.  Even better, wait a year.

Reconnect with your real friends at this difficult time in your life.  Hang out with your brothers, they’ll always be there for you.  Hanging out with you EX is NOT an option when you are trying to recover from a break up.

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