Why You Should Block Your Ex on Facebook

If you are truly serious about getting over your EX fast, one of the first things you should do is block her on Facebook.

Better yet, quit Facebook altogether, at least for 60 days during the initial breakup recovery period.  But if you won’t go there, blocking the ex is one of the first steps you MUST take.


Facebook feeds your drug addiction for your ex.  You do realize you are addicted, right?  You wouldn’t be here reading this right now if you weren’t.   So…


BLOCK! BLOCK! BLOCK!   Then come back here and read the rest…

OK, blocking done, right?  Lets discuss why you just did that.

Whether you love or hate Facebook, its undoubtedly one of the worst things for relationships in our modern society.  All kinds of creeping, lurking, and passive aggressive behaviors come from Facebook.

And that’s exactly why you MUST either disable your account for a bit, or block the EX you are trying to get over.

Here’s why…

Close your eyes for a moment and imagine your sweet little ex-girlfriend posting a picture of her and her new boyfriend right there for the whole world to see.

If you’re not OVER your ex, you probably actually got a PHYSICAL pang in your gut, simply imagining such a thing.  This is rejection multiplied by 100, as it not just you being dumped face to face, its the whole world seeing her with her new guy.

Ignorance is bliss, as they say.  You don’t need or want to know when this happen.

Blocking Eliminates Creeping 

Now think about the times you’ve creeped on over to your EX’s Facebook page since the moment you broke up. Don’t lie to yourself, you know you’ve done it.  Checking to see if she’s posted, where she is, who she’s with, etc etc etc…

Maybe you’ve gone next level, and even checked the LIKES on her post, or her new photo profile, or whatever. Checked the names of who is LIKING her posts and pictures is just plain insanity, and it WILL make you crazy.

You are wasting your TIME, your ENERGY, and not respecting yourself as a MAN by doing this shit.    The second you block your EX you will retake some of that power that you’ve given her.

Once you start to take your power back, you can build momentum towards a new outlook, a new life and a new girl.

Facebook stalking breaks the NO CONTACT rule.  You’ve gone no contact right?

You blocked her like I told you to earlier right?

If not, DO IT NOW.

Life is way too short to put emotional energy into a woman that has REJECTED you.   Get off Facebook or block her now.

Its an essential step in the Red Pill recovery process.







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